Applications open for Marysville Diversity Advisory Committee

Solicitudes abiertas para el Comité Asesor de Diversidad de Marysville

Se espera que los miembros del comité:

Asesorar al alcalde sobre estrategias de divulgación para involucrar a comunidades subrepresentadas;

Trabajar para ayudar a desarrollar el plan de trabajo anual del comité;

Servir como embajadores del Comité Asesor de Diversidad, promover el trabajo del comité y recopilar comentarios; y

Asista al menos a seis reuniones mensuales al año.

Applications open for Marysville Diversity Advisory Committee

The Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee is accepting applications for new members. Established in

2010, the committee works to identify issues, prioritize support and ensure that the diverse character

of our community is represented in decision-making processes regarding diversity and inclusion.

Deadline to apply is Sept. 18.

“This is a critical time for important community conversations,” Mayor Jon Nehring said. “I have always

appreciated the full spectrum of perspectives and experiences that help shape this city. The Diversity

Advisory Committee will continue to help define and promote how we provide a welcoming and

friendly community where all can thrive.”

The mission of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to:

  • Advise the City on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and policies that improve outcomes for marginalized communities;
  • Assist the City in strengthening the relationship with diverse community groups, including historically underrepresented communities and marginalized populations; and
  • Lead the community in thought-provoking discussions which support cultural understanding, mutual respect and inclusivity, and further the enhancement of our community as one where cultural and physical diversity is celebrated as an important asset.

Committee members are expected to:

  • Advise the Mayor on outreach strategies to engage underrepresented communities;
  • Work to help develop the committee’s annual work plan;
  • Serve as ambassadors for the Diversity Advisory Committee, promote the committee’s work and collect feedback; and
  • Attend at least six monthly meetings per year.

Ideally located just 35 miles north of Seattle, Marysville offers a dynamic combination of excellent city services and

transportation infrastructure, community charm and beautiful natural environment. Marysville is one of fastest growing

cities in the country and an amazing place to live, work and play.

The committee is made up of 13 members serving two-year terms. We are seeking a variety of

experiences that collectively represent the city as a whole, including people who are connected to

these types of organizations:

  • Healthcare/fitness
  • Education (K12/higher ed)
  • Arts and culture
  • Community serving nonprofits
  • Local businesses
  • Faith-based organizations

In addition to the listed professional backgrounds, a diversity of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation,

physical and mental differences, national origin, English language proficiency, age, neighborhood

residency and experience with civic leadership or profession is desired among members.

Find more information and apply online by Friday, Sept. 18, at