Cascadia College Art Gallery hosts Intersections = Math + Art: Showing our Work

Bothell, WA – This free public art show and reception will showcase the intersection of art and mathematics. Artists featured are local artist Monique Catino’s Geometric Structures, Timea Tihanyi, interdisciplinary visual artist and ceramist, Claire B Jones’ computer generated interactive 3D models of stitched sculptures using photogrammetry, and Henry Segerman’s mathematical and typographical art of various dimensions. The exhibition starts on May 9th and closes in the first week of June.

When: Public Opening Reception on Thursday, May 12th; 12 noon to 2pm

Where: Cascadia College’s Möbius Hall; 18428 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Chris Gildow, Faculty of Art said, “This exhibition showcases how artists can use mathematics in the creative process. From intricate geometric forms to Spirograph-like designs and organic, flowing shapes, the exhibition gives an interdisciplinary overview of powerful creative work.”

In addition to the artist’s exhibits, science writer and author of Math Art: Truth, Beauty and Equations, Stephen Ornes, will give a presentation on the convergence of math and art and host a roundtable discussion during the opening event on May 12th. Ornes said, “Many mathematicians describe their field as the embodiment of a kind of beauty: A proof can be elegant; the symmetry of a group can be sublime. Art inspired by math can bring out that beauty and reveal the discipline’s aesthetic side.” There will be drawing stations set up for students and guests to do interactive math art projects at the opening event.

Megan Luce, Faculty of Mathematics added, “Too often mathematics and the arts are viewed as separate and distinct ways of describing our world. This interdisciplinary exhibit allows one to see how intersected they can be and how the beauty in one enhances the other.”

Finally, Volkan Alkanoglu, the artist commissioned to create an iconic sculpture for the new STEM4 building, will contribute slides of his work to the exhibition. The STEM4 building is a collaboration between Cascadia College and University of Washington Bothell that will provide the opportunity to create seamless academic pathways, research opportunities, and project learning experiences for students on both campuses. The project is progressing rapidly and is slated to complete in August 2023.


About Cascadia College: Cascadia College is a comprehensive community college that specializes in university transfer education. It is nationally recognized for its high transfer rate and for its emphasis on collaborative and active learning across disciplines. It was established by the legislature to serve the higher education needs of Northeast King and South Snohomish counties.

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